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Download the latest version of the Android SDK from here (the latest version of this post is r15):

Untar into your home directory and setup a symlink to it:

cd ~
tar zxvf Downloads/android-sdk_r15-linux.tgz
ln -s android-sdk-linux android

Add the following to your path by editing .bash_profile and append the PATH variable. Then log out and back in for it to take effect.


Install Java:

yum install java

Update the SDK by typing:

android update sdk

Select the version of API's and matching Android versions.

Once it's done installing click the "Virtual Devices" section and click "New" to create a new virtual Android device. Give it at least 256MB of SD memory.

You can then close the Android SDK.

Install Eclipse by typing:

yum install eclipse-platform

Once installed open Eclipse by going to Applications->Programming->Eclipse

In Eclipse click on Help->Install New Software.

Click "Add..." and add the following repository needed to meet the dependencies of the Android plugin:

Click "Add..." again and enter the Google Android Plugin repository in the Location field:

Now click the checkbox to the left "Developer Tools".

Then click "Next". Then click "Next" again.

Click "I accept..." then "Finish".

After installing it will recommend restarting Eclipse. click "Yes".

Once Eclipse restarts, click on Window->Preferences->Android.

Then type the location of the SDK /home/username/android (use your username) then click "Apply".

After it loads the available targets click "OK".

You are now ready to start a new project.

In Eclipse click File->New->Project.

Then open the Android selection and click on "Android Project" and click "Next".

In here complete the following fields:

Project name
(Select a build target)
Application name
Package name (ie com.helloworld)

Then click "Finish".