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Reset SSH password on OctoPrint

1. power off the pi, remove the MicroSD card, and put that in a PC.
2. Then in the drive called "boot", create a file named "octopi-password.txt"
3. In that text file ("octopi-password.txt") you only need the password you want to set for the "pi" user, nothing else.  So it will be one word only in this file. 
4. Now take the MicroSD out of the PC, install it in the pi and boot it. 
5. You can now log in again using SSH, with username "pi" and the password you set in the file "octopi-password.txt".


Remove Accent Characters From Subtitle File

The method below can be used to convert any accent characters to "?" in a text file. This method can be used to strip accent characters from a subtitle file. The purpose for this is some muxing programs such as dvdauthor will error out when finding these characters.

The method below just converts them to "?". But you can write the results out to a different file then diff against the original to figure out where the characters are then manually convert them if you like.