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Change GDM Background and other Settings at Login Prompt

You basically need to change settings as the "gdm" user to change setting at the GDM login.

Do the following first:

su -
xhost +

Then you can use sudo to run programs as the gdm user. To change the background do the following:

sudo -u gdm gnome-control-center

Then click Background. There you can go select a background.

If you have gnome-tweak-tool installed another change I like to do is to show the date along with the clock at the top of the screen you can do this with the following:

sudo -u gdm gnome-tweak-tool

Then click on Shell then turn on "Show date in clock".

To change the Lockscreen background edit the following file:


Change the paths for the Wide, Standard, and Normalish tags at the bottom to point to the file you want to use.